Working in the orchard by Maite


On Wednesday morning, at 12:00 we went to the orchard Santiago, Tasio and me.

First, we took some hoes and the plants, that were lettuces, onions and curls. There were 43 onions, 10 lettuces and 10 curls.

Later, when we arrived to the orchard, Tasio and me started digging one stall to plant the onions. Santiago and me we counted the plants that we need to put.

After that, Tasio planted the things, while Santiago hoed another stall.

Later while Santiago and Tasio planted the lettuces and the curls, I watered the onions.

After that when Tasio was taking photos, Santiago was watering the lettuces and the curls and I stayed writing down some things in the notebook.


Finally, when we went to the school we met with an old person from Garatx house and we stayed a little bit speaking with him and he said:


We are going to follow “Parades En Crestall” method.

Parades en crestall is a method of the orchard. Is a method that is about a rotation with the plants in the parters.

The rotation is this:




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