Composting: 22/01/20

Group A:

Yesterday we went to vegetable garden to take the compost out of the composter.

We divided in two groups: In the first group they put the compost in the wheel barrow, went to the vegetable garden and put the compost in the floor.

In the second group one person using gloves separated some plastics of the compost, two people using the spade removed the compost. They put the compost in a sieve and another student removed the compost in the sieve, and the compost fell in the wheel barrow. Later using the spade, we put the compost in the bag.

Marta,, worker of «Mancomunidad de residuos» took some photos to send to other people.

In the vegetable garden, we found one fox died, we put the fox in a field, so that other animals could eat it.

Group B:


Yesterday we went to the vegetable garden and we made the compost.

First, we divided in 2 groups:The first group put the compost on the wheelbarrow through the sieve,and we separated the plastic and the waste on different cans.

Marta was taking photos and looking how we made the compost.

We put the filtered compost on plastic bags.This compost will be used as fertilizer and we put the waste on the composter.

In the vegetable garden was a died  fox and we put on a field.

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