On friday from 11:45 to 12:30, we went to the vegetable garden to do the compost.

We went 8 students and we did two groups of four students.

The first group put the compost of the composter on a wheel barrow and the other group put the compost of the wheelbarrow on the land of the vegetable garden.

In our opinion for some of us is a good activity and for others is not so good. 

Another version:

We went to the vegetable garden on friday at 11:45.

We went to Vegetable garden 8 student and one teacher.

In the vegetable garden we separated in tree groups:Mikel and Julen with the shovel,Jon and Javi with the wheelbarrow and the third group Andy,Candela,Miren and Irune with the Compost.

We put the kompost in the floor and we removed the plastic of compost.   

I like very much when we go to the vegetable garden